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17.02.2023 15:55
Real Property Cadastre and Register of Lithuania Antworten

Lithuanian land plots purchased by the owners are registered in the Land Registry. Upon registration, the property is entered on a digital map, which can be used to check that the boundaries of the new property do not overlap with the boundaries of neighboring properties already recorded in the real estate cadastre, or with the boundaries of administrative units, cadastral areas, etc blocks or with adjacent streets, bodies of water or waterways.

Cartographic materials and georeferenced data of Lithuania are used to display property boundaries on digital maps. Since the properties created as part of the land reform since 1992 were first entered in the property cadastre and land register and only later mapped, there are considerable property deviations.

In 2005 a process of correcting and updating cadastral maps was started with the aim of correcting the boundaries of properties bordering terrain features such as roads or waterways. The boundaries of neighboring properties entered on the cadastral maps were later checked using updated maps.

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